A2 — Licence Conditions for Spectrum Licences

The following licence conditions apply to all Spectrum Licences. Additional licensing conditions may be established during the licensing process.

1. In the case of a Radiocommunication Carrier, the licensee must comply with the eligibility criteria as set out in Section 10 of the Radiocommunications Regulations. The licensee must notify the Minister of any change which would have a material effect on ownership or control. Such notification must be made in advance of any proposed transaction.

2. While site specfic radio authorizations will not be issued, the licensee must ensure that:

  • radio installations are installed and operate in a manner that complies with Health Canada's limits of exposure to radiofrequency fields;
  • where applicable, antenna structures are marked in accordance with the recommendations of Transport Canada; and
  • prior to installation of significant antenna structures, consultation with the appropriate land use authorities has taken place.

3. To guard against potential interference, favourable coordination must be secured with other operators (licensees) both in Canada and abroad for each station or mobile service area when interference to an existing user is possible. The licensee must cooperate with other users by providing information for coordination purposes in a timely manner.

4. The licensee must comply with existing and future international coordination requirements. This includes coordination with the United States as new requirements are introduced.

5. In the cases where radio interference occurs, the licensee must cooperate with operator(s) of the affected stations and the Department, to assist in resolving the interference problem without delay. This includes providing technical information, making arrangements to conduct tests and using techniques to isolate interfering signals.

6. To maintain the Spectrum Licence, the applicable annual renewal fee must be paid.

Last revision date: July 4, 2002

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