H7 — 1.4 GHz Automated Meter Reading Spectrum Licences

1. Licence Term

This licence will expire on March 31 of each year. Licensees must pay the annual licence fee before March 31 of each year for the subsequent year (April 1 to March 31).

2. Eligibility

A licensee operating as a radiocommunication service provider or radiocommunication user must comply on an ongoing basis with the eligibility criteria in section 9(1) of the Radiocommunication Regulations.

Licensees must notify the Minister of Industry of any change that would have a material effect on their eligibility. Such notification must be made in advance of any proposed transactions of which licensees have knowledge.

3. Compliance with Legislation, Regulations and Other Obligations

The licensee is subject to, and must comply with, the Radiocommunication Act, the Radiocommunication Regulations and the International Telecommunication Union's Radio Regulations pertaining to its licensed radio frequency bands. This licence is issued on condition that the certifications made in relation to the licence are all true and complete in every respect. The licensee must use the assigned spectrum in accordance with the Canadian Table of Frequency Allocations and the spectrum policy applicable to this band.

4. Radio Frequency Fields

It is the responsibility of the licensee to ensure that all related radiocommunication installations comply with Health Canada's Safety Code 6 at all times, including the consideration of combined effects of nearby installations within the local radio environment. Compliance with Safety Code 6 is an ongoing obligation. At any time, licensees may be required, as directed by Industry Canada, to demonstrate compliance with Safety Code 6 by (i) providing detailed calculations, and/or (ii) conducting site surveys and, where necessary, implementing corrective measures.

5. Technical Considerations

The licensee must comply on an ongoing basis with all technical requirements of Radio Standards Specifications 142 (RSS-142) and Standard Radio System Plan 301.4 GHz (SRSP-301,4 GHz ), as amended from time to time.

6. Radio Station Installations

The licensee must comply with Client Procedures Circular CPC-2-0-03, Radiocommunication and Broadcasting Antenna Systems, as amended from time to time.

7. International Coordination

The licensee must comply with current and future agreements established with other countries.

8. Provision of Techincal Information

When the Department requests technical information on a particular station or on a network, the information must be provided by licensees to the Department according to the definitions and criteria specified by the Department.

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