Gazette Notice SMSE-001-16

Posted on Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada: February 22, 2016
Publication Date in Canada Gazette: March 5, 2016

Notice No. SMSE-001-16 — Release of Revised Broadcasting Procedures and Rules

Notice is hereby given that Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada is releasing the following Broadcasting Procedures and Rules (BPR):

The above documents prescribe the information required in applications for broadcasting certificates, and specify the technical standards and requirements as well as the operational terms and conditions that apply to broadcasting undertakings.

The Broadcasting Procedures and Rules consist of six parts. Part 1 sets out the technical requirements and application procedures common to all broadcasting undertakings. Parts 2, 3, 4, 9 and 10 set out specific requirements for AM, FM, analog TV, terrestrial S-DARS and digital TV broadcasting undertakings, respectively.

General information

These documents have been coordinated with industry through the Radio Advisory Board of Canada (RABC).

Submitting comments

Interested parties are requested to submit their comments within 120 days of the date of publication of this notice in electronic format (Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF) to the Manager, Broadcast and Multimedia Engineering (

All submissions received by the close of the comment period will be posted on Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada's Spectrum Management and Telecommunications website at

All submissions must cite the Canada Gazette, Part I, the publication date, the title and the notice reference number (SMSE-001-16).

Obtaining copies

Copies of this notice and of documents referred to herein are available electronically on the Spectrum Management and Telecommunications website at

Official versions of Canada Gazette notices can be viewed at

February 22, 2016

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