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3500 MHz Spectrum Licence Maps


February 2021:

  • Map data was modified on: 2021-02-12 and 2020-12-03.
  • Final updates have been made to these maps to reflect approved licence transfers prior to the 3500 MHz auction. For dates related to the auction, refer to the Table of Key Dates.
  • Population counts are approximate and are based on 2016 Census data.
  • Licensees are encouraged to review this data and to contact the Manager, Auction Operations, by email within 30 days of this publication, in the event of any discrepancies with their existing licences.

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Spectrum available for auction and transition
Tier 2 Name Service area name Nom du niveau Tier number and encumbrance level Population Spectrum quantity (MHz) Quantité de spectre (MHz) Notes Nota
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