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Consultation on Amending CPC-2-0-03 — Radiocommunication and Broadcasting Antenna Systems

March 2021

Note (effective April 14, 2021): The deadline provided in paragraph 22 for submitting comments has been extended to May 17, 2021.

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1. Intent

1. Through the release of this document, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), on behalf of the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry (the Minister), is hereby initiating a consultation on proposed amendments to Client Procedures Circular CPC-2-0-03, Radiocommunication and Broadcasting Antenna Systems.

2. Mandate

2. The Minister, through the Department of Industry Act, the Radiocommunication Act and the Radiocommunication Regulations, with due regard to the objectives of the Telecommunications Act, is responsible for spectrum management in Canada. As such, the Minister is responsible for developing national goals and policies for spectrum utilization and for ensuring effective management of the radio frequency spectrum resource.

3. Legislation

3. The Minister is provided the general powers for spectrum management in Canada, pursuant to section 5 of the Radiocommunication Act and sections 4 and 5 of the Department of Industry Act. Paragraph 5(1)(f) of the Radiocommunication Act provides the Minister with the authority to “approve each site on which radio apparatus, including antenna systems, may be located, and approve the erection of all masts, towers and other antenna-supporting structures.”

4. In exercising his powers under the Radiocommunication Act, the Minister may take into account all matters that the Minister considers relevant for ensuring the orderly establishment or modification of radio stations and the orderly development and efficient operation of radiocommunication in Canada. As such, the Minister considers the responsibilities that ISED and regulated entities may have under federal legislation such as the Official Languages Act and the Impact Assessment Act.

4. Policy objectives

5. Pursuant to CPC-2-0-03, anyone (also referred to herein as “the proponent(s)”) planning to install or modify an antenna system is required to notify and consult with the applicable land-use authorities to determine local consultation requirements, and to consult with the public to address reasonable and relevant concerns relating to antenna system siting and/or design. Overall, ISED’s objective is to facilitate an open, transparent process that promotes the continued safe expansion of wireless technologies and services.

6. This consultation seeks comments on proposed revisions to CPC-2-0-03 to ensure that Canadians can participate in these processes in the official language of their choice. ISED is also proposing other updates based on new legislative, regulatory and policy developments.

5. Background

7. The procedures for the siting of antenna systems, outlined in Client Procedures Circular CPC-2-0-03, issue 5, Radiocommunication and Broadcasting Antenna Systems, were last updated in 2014. The procedures apply to everyone seeking to install or modify an antenna system.

8. Since 2008, the growing demand for access to mobile broadband services has led to a growing number of new antenna systems being installed. The installation of antenna systems and supporting structures is also integral to wireless network communication systems and provides the radio coverage that Canadians and Canada’s emergency services need. However, the demand for wireless service should be balanced with the needs of Canadians and their communities when antenna siting decisions are being made. To obtain that balance, it is important to include nearby residential neighbourhoods and communities in the process by facilitating public consultations. This provides an opportunity for the proponents to engage with the local public and address reasonable and relevant concerns relating to antenna system siting and/or design.

9. In accordance with the terms of their relevant authorizations under the Radiocommunication Act, proponents must follow the processes in CPC-2-0-03 when installing or modifying an antenna system. The installation of an antenna system or the operation of a currently existing antenna system that is not in accordance with these processes may result in its alteration or removal and other sanctions against the operator in accordance with the Radiocommunication Act. One of the important requirements is that antenna systems be deployed in a manner that considers the local surroundings and communities that are most affected. Moreover, antenna installations may be subject to other important obligations, including compliance with Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 guideline for the protection of the general public; compliance with radio frequency immunity criteria; notification of nearby broadcasting stations; environmental considerations; and Transport Canada/NAV CANADA aeronautical safety responsibilities.

10. Currently, when planning their communications with the public, proponents are encouraged to consult with the relevant local land-use authority. In bilingual areas, the land-use authority often has an established local process that incorporates both official languages (and that proponents must follow) or the land-use authority can advise proponents on the best ways to reach the local public where an ISED default public consultation process is undertaken. Therefore, many notifications are in both official languages. However, there are currently no explicit official languages requirements for public consultations detailed in CPC-2-0-03.

11. Given the upcoming releases of spectrum expected in the next few years (as outlined in the Spectrum Outlook 2018 to 2022) and the Government of Canada’s commitments to increase broadband deployment (as detailed in High-Speed Access for All: Canada’s Connectivity Strategy), ISED is of the view that it is an appropriate time to address official languages requirements in CPC-2-0-03. The implementation of official languages requirements for public consultation processes would improve the accessibility of the consultation process for Canadians across the country, thus facilitating better public engagement. See section 6.1 for details.

12. ISED is also taking this opportunity to make other minor amendments to CPC-2-0-03, including updating the name of the Department to ISED throughout, and updating references relating to the environmental considerations and aeronautical safety responsibilities outlined in section 7. The proposed amendments are intended to ensure that the references and contact information in CPC-2-0-03 are correct and up-to-date. See section 6.2 for details.

6. Proposed amendments to CPC-2-0-03

13. The following are the proposed amendments to the existing CPC-2-0-03.

6.1 Proposed implementation of official languages requirements for the public consultation process

14. ISED is proposing the following two options for official languages requirements for public consultations.

15. Option 1

The official languages requirements would apply across Canada and specify:

  1. that all initial communications with the public must be made in both official languages;
  2. that if a member of the public provides written or verbal comments, the proponent must respond in the official language in which the comments were made.

The proposed wording that would be added to the CPC is as follows:

Whether the proponent follows the land-use authority’s consultation process or ISED’s default public consultation process, initial communications with the public (including but not limited to notification packages and public notices) must be made in both official languages. If a member of the public provides written or verbal public comments or public reply comments, the proponent must respond in the official language in which the comments were made.

16. Option 2

The official languages requirements stated in Option 1, above, would only apply in circumstances where the proposed antenna system installation or modification would be located in a community (a census subdivision) where the English or French linguistic minority population meets a minimum threshold percentage of 5%.

If this proposal is adopted, ISED would append to the CPC a list of communities that meet the minimum threshold percentage of 5% (i.e. where the English or French minority population is 5% or higher) based on the most recent Statistics Canada Census data on First Official Language Spoken. ISED would update this list from time to time. See annex A for an example of the current list of communities.

As stated in section 4 of the current CPC-2-0-03, issue 5, proponents must follow the consultation process established by the land-use authority, where one exists. In the event that a land-use authority’s existing process requires bilingual communications with the public, proponents must follow those public consultation requirements.

The proposed wording that would be added to the CPC is as follows:

Whether the proponent follows the land-use authority’s consultation process or ISED’s default public consultation process, consultation with communities located in the census subdivisions listed in annex A, as amended from time to time, being those that have an official (English or French) linguistic minority population of 5% or higher, must be conducted in both official languages. If a member of the public provides written or verbal public comments or public reply comments, the proponent must respond in the official language in which the comments were made. Proponents must follow the consultation process established by the land-use authority, where one exists. In the event that a land-use authority’s existing process requires bilingual communications with the public, proponents must follow those public consultation requirements regardless of the linguistic minority population figures.

17. Recognizing that proponents may require time to adjust to the new official languages requirements, ISED proposes that the requirements apply to public consultations starting April 1, 2022. For consultation processes launched prior to April 1, 2022, proponents should continue to follow the direction or advice of land-use authorities as discussed in paragraphs 5 and 10, above.

ISED invites comments on:
  1. the introduction of official language requirements and whether they should be applied across Canada or in the communities set out above
  2. the timing of the introduction of the requirements proposed by ISED
  3. any other aspects related to the wording or implementation of the proposals

6.2 Other amendments

18. ISED is proposing other minor amendments to CPC-2-0-03, including updating the name of the Department to ISED throughout, and updating references relating to the environmental considerations and aeronautical safety responsibilities outlined in section 7. More specifically:

  • The references to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act will be changed to reflect the Impact Assessment Act.
  • Some Transport Canada references and details relating to aeronautical safety will be updated to reflect their current forms and definitions. The proposed changes include:
    • replacing references to the Aeronautical Obstruction Clearance Form by the new Aeronautical Assessment Form
    • updating the reference to the Canadian Aviation Regulations to reflect the new Standard 621 - Obstruction Marking and Lighting
    • modifying references to Transport Canada’s requirements to include lighting requirements
ISED invites comments on the proposal to make minor amendments to CPC-2-0-03, including updating the name of the Department to ISED throughout, and updating references relating to the environmental considerations and aeronautical safety responsibilities as described above.

7. Next steps

19. ISED will review the comments received and publish its decision and an updated CPC-2-0-03.

8. Submitting comments

20. Respondents are requested to provide their comments in electronic format (Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF) by email and to specify if their response relates to both questions or to only one.

21. Paper submissions should be mailed to the following address:

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
Senior Director, Spectrum Management Operations Branch
235 Queen Street (6th Floor, East Tower)
Ottawa ON  K1A 0H5

22. All submissions should cite the Canada Gazette, Part I, the publication date, the title and the notice reference number (DGSO-002-21). Parties should ensure that ISED receives their comments no later than May 17, 2021, to ensure consideration.

23. Soon after the close of the comment period, all comments received will be posted on ISED’s Spectrum Management and Telecommunications website.

24. As all comments will be posted on the departmental website, those making submissions are responsible for ensuring that they do not contain confidential or private information.

9. Obtaining copies

25. All spectrum-related documents referred to in this paper are available on ISED’s Spectrum Management and Telecommunications website.

Annex A: List of communities with an official linguistic minority population of 5% or higher

Table A1 contains a list (current as of the date of publication of this consultation) of communities located in census subdivisions (CSDs) that have an official (English or French) linguistic minority population of 5% or higher. CSDs are determined by Statistics Canada.

Note that in certain cases, CSDs have the same name and are differentiated only by the census subdivision type (an abbreviation placed following a comma after the CSD name). A complete list of the census subdivision types and their meanings is available online.

Table A1: Communities with an official linguistic
minority population of 5% or higher
Province/territory Census subdivision
Alberta Bighorn No. 8, MD
Alberta Birch Cove, SV
Alberta Birch Hills County, MD
Alberta Bonnyville Beach, SV
Alberta Bonnyville No. 87, MD
Alberta Bonnyville, T
Alberta Canmore, T
Alberta Cold Lake, CY
Alberta Donnelly, VL
Alberta Falher, T
Alberta Girouxville, VL
Alberta Half Moon Bay, SV
Alberta Jasper, SM
Alberta Kananaskis, ID
Alberta Lac la Biche County, MD
Alberta Legal, T
Alberta McLennan, T
Alberta Nampa, VL
Alberta Northern Sunrise County, MD
Alberta Parkland Beach, SV
Alberta Pelican Narrows, SV
Alberta Silver Sands, SV
Alberta Smoky River No. 130, MD
Alberta St. Paul County No. 19, MD
Alberta St. Paul, T
Alberta Sundance Beach, SV
British Columbia Canal Flats, VL
British Columbia Kitimat-Stikine D, RDA
British Columbia Lower Post, S-É
British Columbia Mount Waddington B, RDA
British Columbia Pemberton, VL
British Columbia Powell River A, RDA
British Columbia Seaichem 16, IRI
British Columbia Squamish-Lillooet A, RDA
British Columbia Switsemalph 3, IRI
Manitoba Alexander, RM
Manitoba Cartier, RM
Manitoba Cornwallis, RM
Manitoba De Salaberry, RM
Manitoba Division No. 1, Unorganized, NO
Manitoba Ellice-Archie, RM
Manitoba Grey, RM
Manitoba La Broquerie, RM
Manitoba Lac du Bonnet, RM
Manitoba Lorne, MU
Manitoba Montcalm, RM
Manitoba Morris, T
Manitoba Norfolk-Treherne, MU
Manitoba Piney, RM
Manitoba Powerview-Pine Falls, T
Manitoba Reynolds, RM
Manitoba Ritchot, RM
Manitoba St. Laurent, RM
Manitoba Ste. Anne, RM
Manitoba Ste. Anne, T
Manitoba Ste. Rose, MU
Manitoba St-Pierre-Jolys, VL
Manitoba Taché, RM
Manitoba Victoria Beach, RM
Manitoba Victoria, RM
New Brunswick Acadieville, P
New Brunswick Addington, P
New Brunswick Alnwick, P
New Brunswick Atholville, VL
New Brunswick Baker Brook, P
New Brunswick Balmoral, P
New Brunswick Balmoral, VL
New Brunswick Bathurst, C
New Brunswick Bathurst, P
New Brunswick Beaubassin East / Beaubassin-est, RCR
New Brunswick Belledune, VL
New Brunswick Beresford, P
New Brunswick Beresford, TV
New Brunswick Blacks Harbour, VL
New Brunswick Botsford, P
New Brunswick Bouctouche, TV
New Brunswick Brunswick, P
New Brunswick Buctouche 16, IRI
New Brunswick Burton, P
New Brunswick Campbellton, C
New Brunswick Cap-Pelé, VL
New Brunswick Carleton, P
New Brunswick Charlo, VL
New Brunswick Clair, P
New Brunswick Clair, VL
New Brunswick Cocagne, RCR
New Brunswick Colborne, P
New Brunswick Coverdale, P
New Brunswick Dalhousie, P
New Brunswick Dalhousie, TV
New Brunswick Denmark, P
New Brunswick Dieppe, C
New Brunswick Dorchester, P
New Brunswick Dorchester, VL
New Brunswick Douglas, P
New Brunswick Drummond, P
New Brunswick Drummond, VL
New Brunswick Dundas, P
New Brunswick Durham, P
New Brunswick Edmundston, C
New Brunswick Eel River 3, IRI
New Brunswick Eel River Crossing, VL
New Brunswick Eldon, P
New Brunswick Fredericton, C
New Brunswick Glenelg, P
New Brunswick Gordon, P
New Brunswick Grand Falls / Grand-Sault, TV
New Brunswick Grand Falls, P
New Brunswick Grande-Anse, VL
New Brunswick Hanwell, RCR
New Brunswick Harcourt, P
New Brunswick Hardwicke, P
New Brunswick Kingsclear, P
New Brunswick Lac Baker, VL
New Brunswick Lincoln, P
New Brunswick Lorne, P
New Brunswick Maugerville, P
New Brunswick Memramcook, VL
New Brunswick Minto, VL
New Brunswick Miramichi, C
New Brunswick Moncton, C
New Brunswick Moncton, P
New Brunswick Nackawic, TV
New Brunswick Neguac, VL
New Brunswick Nelson, P
New Brunswick New Bandon, P
New Brunswick New Maryland, P
New Brunswick New Maryland, VL
New Brunswick Newcastle, P
New Brunswick Nigadoo, VL
New Brunswick Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, P
New Brunswick Oromocto, TV
New Brunswick Pabineau 11, IRI
New Brunswick Perth, P
New Brunswick Petit-Rocher, VL
New Brunswick Plaster Rock, VL
New Brunswick Pointe-Verte, VL
New Brunswick Port Elgin, VL
New Brunswick Rexton, VL
New Brunswick Richibucto, P
New Brunswick Richibucto, TV
New Brunswick Riverview, TV
New Brunswick Rogersville, P
New Brunswick Rogersville, VL
New Brunswick Rothesay, P
New Brunswick Sackville, P
New Brunswick Saint Mary, P
New Brunswick Saint Marys, P
New Brunswick Saint-André, P
New Brunswick Saint-André, RCR
New Brunswick Saint-Antoine, VL
New Brunswick Saint-Charles, P
New Brunswick Saint-François de Madawaska, VL
New Brunswick Saint-François, P
New Brunswick Saint-Léonard, P
New Brunswick Saint-Léonard, TV
New Brunswick Saint-Louis de Kent, VL
New Brunswick Saint-Louis, P
New Brunswick Saint-Paul, P
New Brunswick Shediac, P
New Brunswick Shediac, TV
New Brunswick St. Basile 10, IRI
New Brunswick Tide Head, VL
New Brunswick Weldford, P
New Brunswick Wellington, P
Newfoundland and Labrador Cape St. George, T
Newfoundland and Labrador Division No. 4, Subd. E, SNO
Nova Scotia Antigonish, Subd. B, SC
Nova Scotia Argyle, MD
Nova Scotia Clare, MD
Nova Scotia Inverness, Subd. A, SC
Nova Scotia Richmond, Subd. A, SC
Nova Scotia Richmond, Subd. B, SC
Nova Scotia Richmond, Subd. C, SC
Nova Scotia Yarmouth, MD
Nova Scotia Yarmouth, T
Northwest Territories Region 4, Unorganized, NO
Northwest Territories Region 6, Unorganized, NO
Nunavut Iqaluit, CY
Ontario Alfred and Plantagenet, TP
Ontario Armstrong, TP
Ontario Baldwin, TP
Ontario Beckwith, TP
Ontario Billings, TP
Ontario Black River-Matheson, TP
Ontario Blind River, T
Ontario Bonfield, TP
Ontario Brethour, TP
Ontario Callander, MU
Ontario Calvin, MU
Ontario Casey, TP
Ontario Casselman, VL
Ontario Chamberlain, TP
Ontario Champlain, TP
Ontario Chapleau, TP
Ontario Charlton and Dack, MU
Ontario Chisholm, TP
Ontario Clarence-Rockland, C
Ontario Cobalt, T
Ontario Cochrane, T
Ontario Cochrane, Unorganized, North Part, NO
Ontario Coleman, TP
Ontario Cornwall, CY
Ontario Deep River, T
Ontario Dorion, TP
Ontario Dubreuilville, TP
Ontario Duck Lake 76B, IRI
Ontario East Ferris, MU
Ontario East Hawkesbury, TP
Ontario Elliot Lake, CY
Ontario Englehart, T
Ontario Espanola, T
Ontario Essa, TP
Ontario Evanturel, TP
Ontario Fauquier-Strickland, TP
Ontario French River / Rivière des Français, M
Ontario Gauthier, TP
Ontario Greater Sudbury / Grand Sudbury, CV
Ontario Greenstone, MU
Ontario Gros Cap 49, IRI
Ontario Harley, TP
Ontario Harris, TP
Ontario Hawkesbury, T
Ontario Head, Clara and Maria, TP
Ontario Hearst, T
Ontario Hilliard, TP
Ontario Hilton Beach, VL
Ontario Hornepayne, TP
Ontario Hudson, TP
Ontario Huron Shores, MU
Ontario Ignace, TP
Ontario Iroquois Falls, T
Ontario James, TP
Ontario Kapuskasing, T
Ontario Kerns, TP
Ontario Killarney, MU
Ontario Kirkland Lake, T
Ontario Lakeshore, T
Ontario Larder Lake, TP
Ontario Latchford, T
Ontario Laurentian Hills, T
Ontario Laurentian Valley, TP
Ontario Manitoulin, Unorganized, West Part, NO
Ontario Manitouwadge, TP
Ontario Marathon, T
Ontario Markstay-Warren, MU
Ontario Matachewan 72, IRI
Ontario Matachewan, TP
Ontario Mattawa, T
Ontario Mattawan, TP
Ontario Mattice-Val Côté, TP
Ontario McGarry, TP
Ontario Merrickville-Wolford, VL
Ontario Moonbeam, TP
Ontario Nairn and Hyman, TP
Ontario Nipissing 10, IRI
Ontario Nipissing, Unorganized, North Part, NO
Ontario Nipissing, Unorganized, South Part, NO
Ontario North Bay, CY
Ontario North Dundas, TP
Ontario North Glengarry, TP
Ontario North Grenville, MU
Ontario North Stormont, TP
Ontario Opasatika, TP
Ontario Ottawa, CV
Ontario Papineau-Cameron, TP
Ontario Pembroke, CY
Ontario Penetanguishene, T
Ontario Petawawa, T
Ontario Russell, TP
Ontario Sables-Spanish Rivers, TP
Ontario Smooth Rock Falls, T
Ontario South Glengarry, TP
Ontario South Stormont, TP
Ontario Spanish, T
Ontario St.-Charles, MU
Ontario Sudbury, Unorganized, North Part, NO
Ontario Temagami, MU
Ontario Temiskaming Shores, CY
Ontario Terrace Bay, TP
Ontario The Nation / La Nation, M
Ontario The North Shore, TP
Ontario Thornloe, VL
Ontario Timiskaming, Unorganized, West Part, NO
Ontario Timmins, CY
Ontario Tiny, TP
Ontario Val Rita-Harty, TP
Ontario Wawa, MU
Ontario Welland, CY
Ontario West Nipissing / Nipissing Ouest, M
Ontario White River, TP
Prince Edward Island Abrams Village, COM
Prince Edward Island Lot 1, LOT
Prince Edward Island Lot 14, LOT
Prince Edward Island Lot 15, LOT
Prince Edward Island Lot 16, LOT
Prince Edward Island Lot 17, LOT
Prince Edward Island Lot 2, LOT
Prince Edward Island Miscouche, COM
Prince Edward Island St. Louis, COM
Prince Edward Island Tignish, COM
Prince Edward Island Wellington, COM
Quebec Abercorn, VL
Quebec Akulivik, VN
Quebec Alleyn-et-Cawood, MÉ
Quebec Amherst, CT
Quebec Angliers, VL
Quebec Arundel, CT
Quebec Aumond, CT
Quebec Aupaluk, VN
Quebec Austin, MÉ
Quebec Ayer's Cliff, VL
Quebec Baie-D'Urfé, V
Quebec Barkmere, V
Quebec Barnston-Ouest, MÉ
Quebec Beaconsfield, V
Quebec Bedford, CT
Quebec Bedford, V
Quebec Belleterre, V
Quebec Béthanie, MÉ
Quebec Blainville, V
Quebec Blanc-Sablon, MÉ
Quebec Blue Sea, MÉ
Quebec Boileau, MÉ
Quebec Boisbriand, V
Quebec Bois-des-Filion, V
Quebec Bolton-Est, MÉ
Quebec Bolton-Ouest, MÉ
Quebec Bonaventure, V
Quebec Bouchette, MÉ
Quebec Bowman, MÉ
Quebec Brigham, MÉ
Quebec Bristol, MÉ
Quebec Brome, VL
Quebec Bromont, V
Quebec Brossard, V
Quebec Brownsburg-Chatham, V
Quebec Bryson, MÉ
Quebec Bury, MÉ
Quebec Campbell's Bay, MÉ
Quebec Candiac, V
Quebec Cantley, MÉ
Quebec Carignan, V
Quebec Cascapédia--Saint-Jules, MÉ
Quebec Cayamant, MÉ
Quebec Chambly, V
Quebec Châteauguay, V
Quebec Chelsea, MÉ
Quebec Chichester, CT
Quebec Chisasibi, TC
Quebec Clarendon, MÉ
Quebec Cleveland, CT
Quebec Compton, MÉ
Quebec Cookshire-Eaton, V
Quebec Coteau-du-Lac, V
Quebec Côte-Nord-du-Golfe-du-Saint-Laurent, MÉ
Quebec Côte-Saint-Luc, V
Quebec Cowansville, V
Quebec Danville, V
Quebec Delson, V
Quebec Denholm, MÉ
Quebec Deux-Montagnes, V
Quebec Dixville, MÉ
Quebec Dollard-Des Ormeaux, V
Quebec Dorval, V
Quebec Dudswell, MÉ
Quebec Duhamel, MÉ
Quebec Dundee, CT
Quebec Dunham, V
Quebec Durham-Sud, MÉ
Quebec East Farnham, MÉ
Quebec East Hereford, MÉ
Quebec Eastmain, TC
Quebec Eastman, MÉ
Quebec Egan-Sud, MÉ
Quebec Elgin, MÉ
Quebec Entrelacs, MÉ
Quebec Escuminac, MÉ
Quebec Estérel, V
Quebec Fort-Coulonge, VL
Quebec Franklin, MÉ
Quebec Frelighsburg, MÉ
Quebec Gaspé, V
Quebec Gatineau, V
Quebec Gesgapegiag, IRI
Quebec Godmanchester, CT
Quebec Gore, CT
Quebec Gracefield, V
Quebec Grenville, VL
Quebec Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, MÉ
Quebec Grosse-Île, MÉ
Quebec Hampden, CT
Quebec Hampstead, V
Quebec Harrington, CT
Quebec Hatley, CT
Quebec Hatley, MÉ
Quebec Havelock, CT
Quebec Hemmingford, CT
Quebec Hemmingford, VL
Quebec Hinchinbrooke, MÉ
Quebec Hope Town, MÉ
Quebec Hope, CT
Quebec Howick, MÉ
Quebec Huberdeau, MÉ
Quebec Hudson, V
Quebec Huntingdon, V
Quebec Inukjuak, VN
Quebec Ivry-sur-le-Lac, MÉ
Quebec Ivujivik, VN
Quebec Kangiqsualujjuaq, VN
Quebec Kangiqsujuaq, VN
Quebec Kangirsuk, VN
Quebec Kawawachikamach, TK
Quebec Kazabazua, MÉ
Quebec Kebaowek, IRI
Quebec Kingsbury, VL
Quebec Kinnear's Mills, MÉ
Quebec Kipawa, MÉ
Quebec Kirkland, V
Quebec Kitigan Zibi, IRI
Quebec Kuujjuaq, VN
Quebec Kuujjuarapik, VN
Quebec La Conception, MÉ
Quebec La Macaza, MÉ
Quebec La Minerve, MÉ
Quebec La Pêche, MÉ
Quebec La Prairie, V
Quebec Lac-Brome, V
Quebec Lac-des-Plages, MÉ
Quebec Lac-des-Seize-Îles, MÉ
Quebec Lac-du-Cerf, MÉ
Quebec Lachute, V
Quebec Lacolle, MÉ
Quebec Lac-Sainte-Marie, MÉ
Quebec Lac-Simon, IRI
Quebec Lac-Supérieur, MÉ
Quebec Lac-Tremblant-Nord, MÉ
Quebec Laforce, MÉ
Quebec L'Ange-Gardien, MÉ
Quebec Laniel, NO
Quebec Lantier, MÉ
Quebec Laval, V
Quebec Léry, V
Quebec Les Cèdres, MÉ
Quebec Les Coteaux, MÉ
Quebec L'Île-Cadieux, V
Quebec L'Île-du-Grand-Calumet, MÉ
Quebec L'Île-Perrot, V
Quebec Lingwick, CT
Quebec L'Isle-aux-Allumettes, MÉ
Quebec Litchfield, MÉ
Quebec Lochaber, CT
Quebec Lochaber-Partie-Ouest, CT
Quebec Longueuil, V
Quebec Lorraine, V
Quebec Low, CT
Quebec Magog, V
Quebec Maniwaki, V
Quebec Mansfield-et-Pontefract, MÉ
Quebec Matapédia, MÉ
Quebec Matimekosh, IRI
Quebec Mayo, MÉ
Quebec Melbourne, CT
Quebec Mercier, V
Quebec Messines, MÉ
Quebec Métis-sur-Mer, V
Quebec Mille-Isles, MÉ
Quebec Mistissini, TC
Quebec Moffet, MÉ
Quebec Montcalm, MÉ
Quebec Montebello, MÉ
Quebec Montréal, V
Quebec Montréal-Est, V
Quebec Montréal-Ouest, V
Quebec Mont-Royal, V
Quebec Mont-Tremblant, V
Quebec Morin-Heights, MÉ
Quebec Mulgrave-et-Derry, MÉ
Quebec Namur, MÉ
Quebec Nédélec, CT
Quebec Nemaska, TC
Quebec New Carlisle, MÉ
Quebec New Richmond, V
Quebec Newport, MÉ
Quebec North Hatley, VL
Quebec Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours, MÉ
Quebec Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette, MÉ
Quebec Notre-Dame-de-l'Île-Perrot, V
Quebec Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge, MÉ
Quebec Notre-Dame-du-Nord, MÉ
Quebec Noyan, MÉ
Quebec Odanak, IRI
Quebec Ogden, MÉ
Quebec Oka, MÉ
Quebec Orford, CT
Quebec Ormstown, MÉ
Quebec Otter Lake, MÉ
Quebec Otterburn Park, V
Quebec Oujé-Bougoumou, S-É
Quebec Pakuashipi, S-É
Quebec Paspébiac, V
Quebec Percé, V
Quebec Piedmont, MÉ
Quebec Pike River, MÉ
Quebec Pikogan, IRI
Quebec Pincourt, V
Quebec Pointe-à-la-Croix, MÉ
Quebec Pointe-Claire, V
Quebec Pointe-des-Cascades, VL
Quebec Pointe-Fortune, VL
Quebec Pontiac, MÉ
Quebec Portage-du-Fort, VL
Quebec Port-Daniel--Gascons, MÉ
Quebec Potton, CT
Quebec Puvirnituq, VN
Quebec Quaqtaq, VN
Quebec Rapides-des-Joachims, MÉ
Quebec Rawdon, MÉ
Quebec Richmond, V
Quebec Rigaud, V
Quebec Ristigouche-Partie-Sud-Est, CT
Quebec Rivière-Beaudette, MÉ
Quebec Rosemère, V
Quebec Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard, MÉ
Quebec Saint-André-d'Argenteuil, MÉ
Quebec Saint-André-de-Restigouche, MÉ
Quebec Saint-Anicet, MÉ
Quebec Saint-Armand, MÉ
Quebec Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, PE
Quebec Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, V
Quebec Saint-Chrysostome, MÉ
Quebec Saint-Clet, MÉ
Quebec Saint-Constant, V
Quebec Sainte-Adèle, V
Quebec Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, V
Quebec Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, V
Quebec Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs, PE
Quebec Sainte-Catherine, V
Quebec Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley, MÉ
Quebec Sainte-Justine-de-Newton, MÉ
Quebec Sainte-Lucie-des-Laurentides, MÉ
Quebec Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson, V
Quebec Sainte-Marthe, MÉ
Quebec Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, V
Quebec Saint-Émile-de-Suffolk, MÉ
Quebec Sainte-Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau, MÉ
Quebec Saint-Étienne-de-Bolton, MÉ
Quebec Saint-Eustache, V
Quebec Saint-Félix-de-Kingsey, MÉ
Quebec Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier, MÉ
Quebec Saint-Georges-de-Clarenceville, MÉ
Quebec Saint-Godefroi, CT
Quebec Saint-Guillaume-Nord, NO
Quebec Saint-Herménégilde, MÉ
Quebec Saint-Ignace-de-Stanbridge, MÉ
Quebec Saint-Isidore-de-Clifton, MÉ
Quebec Saint-Jean-de-Brébeuf, MÉ
Quebec Saint-Joachim-de-Shefford, MÉ
Quebec Saint-Lambert, V
Quebec Saint-Lazare, V
Quebec Saint-Paul-de-l'Île-aux-Noix, MÉ
Quebec Saint-Polycarpe, MÉ
Quebec Saint-Sauveur, V
Quebec Saint-Sébastien, MÉ
Quebec Saint-Télesphore, MÉ
Quebec Saint-Zotique, MÉ
Quebec Salluit, VN
Quebec Schefferville, V
Quebec Scotstown, V
Quebec Senneville, VL
Quebec Shannon, MÉ
Quebec Shawville, MÉ
Quebec Sheenboro, MÉ
Quebec Shefford, CT
Quebec Sherbrooke, V
Quebec Shigawake, MÉ
Quebec Stanbridge East, MÉ
Quebec Stanbridge Station, MÉ
Quebec Stanstead, CT
Quebec Stanstead, V
Quebec Stanstead-Est, MÉ
Quebec Stukely-Sud, VL
Quebec Sutton, V
Quebec Tasiujaq, VN
Quebec Témiscaming, V
Quebec Terrasse-Vaudreuil, MÉ
Quebec Thorne, MÉ
Quebec Timiskaming, IRI
Quebec Très-Saint-Rédempteur, MÉ
Quebec Très-Saint-Sacrement, PE
Quebec Ulverton, MÉ
Quebec Umiujaq, VN
Quebec Val-David, VL
Quebec Val-des-Bois, MÉ
Quebec Val-des-Monts, MÉ
Quebec Val-Morin, MÉ
Quebec Vaudreuil-Dorion, V
Quebec Vaudreuil-sur-le-Lac, VL
Quebec Venise-en-Québec, MÉ
Quebec Waltham, MÉ
Quebec Warden, VL
Quebec Waskaganish, TC
Quebec Waswanipi, TC
Quebec Waterloo, V
Quebec Waterville, V
Quebec Wentworth, CT
Quebec Wentworth-Nord, MÉ
Quebec Westmount, V
Quebec Winneway, S-É
Saskatchewan Albertville, VL
Saskatchewan Antler No. 61, RM
Saskatchewan Arborfield No. 456, RM
Saskatchewan Auvergne No. 76, RM
Saskatchewan Beatty, VL
Saskatchewan Beaver Flat, RV
Saskatchewan Broderick, VL
Saskatchewan Cadillac, VL
Saskatchewan Canwood No. 494, RM
Saskatchewan Chitek Lake, RV
Saskatchewan Connaught No. 457, RM
Saskatchewan Consul, VL
Saskatchewan Debden, VL
Saskatchewan Duck Lake, T
Saskatchewan Fish Creek No. 402, RM
Saskatchewan Garden River No. 490, RM
Saskatchewan Glen McPherson No. 46, RM
Saskatchewan Grant No. 372, RM
Saskatchewan Gravelbourg No. 104, RM
Saskatchewan Gravelbourg, T
Saskatchewan Island View, RV
Saskatchewan Jansen, VL
Saskatchewan Kivimaa-Moonlight Bay, RV
Saskatchewan Lake Lenore No. 399, RM
Saskatchewan Leoville, VL
Saskatchewan Makwa, VL
Saskatchewan Mankota No. 45, RM
Saskatchewan Meacham, VL
Saskatchewan Montmartre, VL
Saskatchewan Moose Jaw No. 161, RM
Saskatchewan Pilger, VL
Saskatchewan Pinto Creek No. 75, RM
Saskatchewan Plunkett, VL
Saskatchewan Ponteix, T
Saskatchewan Prud'Homme, VL
Saskatchewan Reciprocity No. 32, RM
Saskatchewan Redvers, T
Saskatchewan Rodgers No. 133, RM
Saskatchewan St. Brieux, T
Saskatchewan St. Louis No. 431, RM
Saskatchewan St. Louis, VL
Saskatchewan Storthoaks No. 31, RM
Saskatchewan Sutton No. 103, RM
Saskatchewan Thode, RV
Saskatchewan Val Marie, VL
Saskatchewan Vonda, T
Saskatchewan Welwyn, VL
Saskatchewan Willow Bunch No. 42, RM
Saskatchewan Willow Bunch, T
Saskatchewan Wise Creek No. 77, RM
Saskatchewan Wood River No. 74, RM
Saskatchewan Zenon Park, VL
Yukon Beaver Creek, SÉ
Yukon Burwash Landing, SÉ
Yukon Destruction Bay, SÉ
Yukon Faro, T
Yukon Ibex Valley, HAM
Yukon Macpherson-Grizzly Valley, NO
Yukon Marsh Lake, NO
Yukon Mt. Lorne, HAM
Yukon Whitehorse, Unorganized, NO
Yukon Yukon, Unorganized, NO
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