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Help: Green Technologies

According to the new Section 28 of the Patent Rules, which came into force on March 3rd, 2011, examination of a patent application can be advanced in certain situations, including the following:

  • An applicant requests such an advancement and submits a declaration that the application relates to technology the commercialization of which would help to resolve or mitigate environmental impacts or conserve the natural environment and resources. Additional details about individual applications are available from the CPD by clicking on the patent application number in the "Application" column. Information about the different fields available on the CPD is available on the Help: Bibliographic and Text Data Fields page.

Green Technologies patent application information includes the following fields and associated dates:

  • Patent: A patent is a government grant giving the exclusive right of making, using or selling an invention.
  • Application: The number assigned to an application when it is filed at CIPO.
  • Accorded on: Date when the Commissioner of Patents advanced the examination of a patent application out of its routine order, according to section 28 (1)(b) of the Patent Rules.
  • International Patent Classification (IPC): The system used by the international community to classify inventions by type.
  • Title: The name of the invention as provided by the applicant, or as translated by CIPO.