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Searching the Manual can be accomplished by entering keywords to find related pre-approved terms.

Using the Advanced Search features, you can further refine your search results by the effective date, category, Nice Classes or scope of searched words. Go to the Main features page to view searching tips.

To select more than one class, simultaneously press your keyboard's CTRL button while selecting additional numbers using your mouse.

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The Nice Classification is the international standard for classifying goods and services used for the registration of trademarks. Classes 1 to 34 are assigned to goods and classes 35 to 45 represents services. The following table displays grouping of classes per industry.

1 to 5Goods from the chemical industry and related markets
6 to 14Goods of metal and precious metal, machinery, small electrical appliances and related markets
15 to 21Goods of paper, rubber, plastic and leather; household items including furniture and related markets
22 to 27Textiles industries
28Games, toys and sports equipment
29 to 31Food products
32 to 33Beverages
34Tobacco and associated products
35 to 45Services divided per general type of business

 Further information on theNice Classification is available on the Nice Class Heading page.

Select a class number to view pre-approved terms within a given class. To select more than one class, simultaneously press your keyboard's CTRL button while selecting additional numbers using your mouse.

Nice Classification

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The Classify List feature is provided to assist you in grouping and classifying an existing list of goods and services according to the Nice Classification system for the purpose of filing a new or revised trademark application with CIPO.

This function will search your list against the Manual, assign the corresponding Nice class for the terms that are found in the Manual and sort your list by Nice class.

There are two ways to submit your list of terms to be classified:
(a) You can copy and paste your list in the text field or;
(b) You can import a text file (. txt) by clicking on the button "Import List".

IMPORTANT: The Manual consists of a representative listing of pre-approved goods and services and is not meant to be exhaustive.

You will most likely need to reorganize your list of terms prior to submitting for classification in order to optimize the results returned for the goods and services found in the Manual. The list must be worded in such a way as to indicate clearly the nature of the goods or services and to allow each item to be classified. For further assistance on how to re-organize your list, please consult the help page of the Classify List section.

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Import XML file.

To add items to your list please use the "Keywords Search", "Nice Class Search", "Alphabetical Search", "Classify" tab or the "Add additional term to list" button.

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