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Connect to Innovate projects – Open Access

From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

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Projects listed in this table include only Connect to Innovate projects that have a signed contribution agreement to date. Additional projects that are currently under negotiations will be added periodically as contribution agreements are signed.

Estimates of coverage within a community
Recipient Province Communities targeted Footnote1 Connect to Innovate Funding Footnote1
Arrow Technology Group Alberta 3 $2,369,186
Arrow Technology Group Alberta 2 $768,150
Arrow Technology Group Footnote2 Alberta 2 $2,031,671
Arrow Technology Group Alberta 3 $4,245,426
Buried Glass Inc. Alberta 25 $7,336,912
Rigstar CommunicationsFootnote2 Alberta Footnote2 $216,209
Cardston County Alberta 1 $211,774
GPNetworks Alberta 2 $986,657
Missing Link Internet Alberta 6 $1,326,882
City West Cable & Telephone British Columbia 20 $6,463,197
Gwaii Communications Footnote2 British Columbia 2 $3,880,386
Lyttonnet British Columbia 4 $4,231,440 
Shaw Cablesystems British Columbia 7 $2,065,032
Shaw Cablesystems British Columbia 10 $9,370,032
Strathcona Regional District British Columbia 70 $15,665,005
Sts'ailes British Columbia 1 $132,030
Tahltan Nation Development Corporation British Columbia 12 $9,623,143
BCN Footnote2 Manitoba 6 $672,700
Bell Canada Manitoba 9 $2,598,705
High Speed Crow Manitoba 1 $793,905
Valley Fiber Manitoba 29 $10,253,862
Bell Canada New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador 116 $27,241,450
Bell Canada Newfoundland and Labrador 2 $349,883
Bell Canada Footnote2 Newfoundland and Labrador 2 $709,200
Bell Canada Footnote3 Newfoundland and Labrador 2 $852,035
EION Footnote2 Newfoundland and Labrador Footnote2 $2,209,835
Northwestel Northwest Territories 1 $921,278
Bell Canada Nova Scotia 2 $129,525
Eastlink Footnote2 Nova Scotia Footnote2 $988,027
TNC Wireless Footnote2 Nova Scotia Footnote2 $2,870,156
Eastlink Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island 11 $1,649,454
Municipality of the County of Kings Nova Scotia 4 $2,509,788 
Northwestel Nunavut 25 $49,900,000
Bell Canada Ontario 12 $7,908,968
Bell CanadaFootnote2 Ontario 2 $3,468,772
Cogeco Ontario 2 $2,163,327
KNet Ontario 2 $5,629,990
Nexicom Ontario 5 $2,948,219
Rapid Lynx Telecommunications Footnote2 Ontario 5 $37,100,000
Regional Municipality of York Ontario 2 $2,000,000
Wasauksing First Nation Footnote2 Ontario 1 $1,027,936
Western James Bay Telecom Network Footnote2 Ontario 3 $441,193
Xplornet Ontario 21 $11,604,670
307NET Footnote2 Quebec Footnote2 $1,752,117
Bell Canada Quebec 58 $7,001,866
Câble Axion Footnote3 Quebec 3 $119,000
Cablevision Quebec 7 $354,408
Cogeco Quebec 3 $78,029
Cogeco Footnote2 Quebec Footnote2 $159,169
Cogeco Footnote2 Quebec 4 $743,604
CoopTel Quebec 11 $554,000
DÉRYtélécom Quebec 8 $294,392
Duclos & Michaud Télécom Footnote2 Quebec 5 $1,061,482
Internet Haut-Richelieu Footnote2 Quebec 9 $8,115,780
APTR Footnote2 Quebec 3 $2,001,982
Maskicom Footnote2 Quebec Footnote2 $5,196,995
MRC Argenteuil Footnote2 Quebec 8 $4,652,355
MRC d'Antoine-Labelle Footnote3 Quebec 20 $958,962
MRC de Bécancour Footnote2 Quebec Footnote2 $3,381,668
MRC de comté de Papineau Footnote2 Footnote3 Quebec 11 $3,247,465
MRC De D'Autray Footnote2 Footnote3 Quebec Footnote2 $2,278,633
Municipalité de Ferland-et-Boilleau Footnote2 Quebec 1 $402,081
Sogetel Footnote2 Quebec Footnote2 $21,361
Solutions Ambra Footnote2 Quebec 11 $13,031,955
Tactic Footnote2 Quebec 8 $3,254,076
Tamaani Internet Footnote2 Quebec 5 $62,594,000
TARGO CommunicationsFootnote2 Quebec 23 $2,399,424
Télé-Câble la Conception Footnote2 Quebec Footnote2 $630,828
Telus Footnote2 Quebec 141 $12,111,784
Telus Footnote2 Quebec 7 $9,294,854
Transvision (Cookshire)Footnote3 Quebec 2 $262,800
FlexNetworks Saskatchewan 21 $10,159,371
FlexNetworks Saskatchewan 14 $5,939,449
SaskTel Footnote3 Saskatchewan 29 $5,337,573
Government of Yukon Footnote3 Yukon 4 $30,000,000

Open access for Internet Service Providers

Backbone infrastructure projects funded under the Connect to Innovate program must be open to third parties for dedicated wholesale capacity purchases in the communities targeted by the project. The rates for this capacity may not reflect the availability or pricing of retail internet service in these communities, or rates for similar wholesale services in other communities. Interested third parties should contact the Connect to Innovate recipient directly for further information about open access services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is open access under Connect to Innovate related to the wholesale rates set by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)?

Connect to Innovate recipients are required to provide open access to backbone infrastructure funded by the program as part of their contribution agreement with Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada.

The CRTC regulates the wholesale rates charged by large telephone and cable companies to competitors to access their networks in order to offer their own services. In cases where a Connect to Innovate-supported recipient is also regulated by the CRTC, the open access rates set out in their contribution agreement will not exceed any similar rates or tariffs set by the CRTC.

Visit the CRTC's website to learn more about CRTC wholesale rates.

How are Connect to Innovate open access rates set?

Applicants to Connect to Innovate were required to propose open access rates for dedicated backbone capacity. These proposed rates were one of the many criteria used to evaluate project proposals and were subsequently set out in the contribution agreements of Connect to Innovate recipients.

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