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Type approval request - Information on the request

1. Information on the request

Contact information
Device information
Is this a new approval or a change to an existing approval? (required)
Does this device use legally relevant software? (Legally relevant software is software subject to legal control that performs functions other than collecting measurement data.) (required)
Are you applying for approval under one of the following options?
Device features (choose all that apply) Scale or scale component

Electricity transformer

Volume measuring device
Thermal energy meter
Gas meter, ancillary device or associated measuring device

If applicable, attach one or more of the following:

  • Specification sheet(s)
  • When submitting multiple devices for approval, a table indicating the differences with respect to features, capacity, flow rates, unit sizes, etc.
  • Picture(s) of the device(s)

Measurement Canada will respond within 20 business days to discuss the next steps in obtaining your notice of approval.

Billing information
Does your organization have a Canadian office? (required)

If so, please provide your Canada Revenue Agency business number and GST/HST number:

Does your organization require purchase order (PO) numbers to pay invoices? (required)

If so, please provide it below:

Shipping information

Measurement Canada may require one or more samples of your device(s) to evaluate its/their design. If these samples are needed, Measurement Canada will send a request detailing the samples needed. Please do not send samples to Measurement Canada unless requested to do so.

In the event that samples are needed, Measurement Canada will need to know where to return them. Please indicate that address below.

If you have any questions, please send an email to

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