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(12) Patent Application: (11) CA 2806834
(51) International Patent Classification (IPC):
  • F03B 13/00 (2006.01)
  • F03B 17/04 (2006.01)
  • F03G 7/10 (2006.01)
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(22) Filed Date: 2013-02-15
(41) Open to Public Inspection: 2013-05-02
Examination requested: 2013-03-13
(30) Availability of licence: N/A
(30) Language of filing: English

English Abstract

A novel method to produce any amount of hydropower 24 hours a day due to
the availability of sea water .This novel method comprises turbine-generators
to produce electricity and electrical pumps (or multi barrel syringes) to
discharge the spent water to the above ground water tank through a vertical
water tank as shown in the drawing .the water from the above ground water
tank flows down through a pipe to the second turbine-generator which turns
the turbine-generator to produce electricity again in the same method. The
spent water is discharged to the sea as shown in the drawing. This method also

may be called as KAMADENU cow method. Lord Krishna (A HINDU GOD)
in the ancient days presented a cow whose name was KAMADENU to a saint
that gave milk (unlimited) to any number of visitors.

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A hydroelectric system comprising
1) a main reservoir sea(ocean).
2) an under (below) seashore (underground) installed turbine-generator(s) of
any size any power or any type.
3) an electrical pump(s) or submersible pump(s) of any power or any size or
any other type pumps.
4) a vertical water tank (pipe)which is used to discharge the water to the
ground (above) as shown in the drawing.
5)underground roof.


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CA 02806834 2013-03-13
It is a regular conventional DAM like hydroelectric power plant. We can
understand from the the drawing itself how it works. FIG-1 is the DRAWING
for this novel method (representative drawing) and other drawing are for
demonstration purpose only published to understand well about this novel
method through pictures (drawing).
There have been many attempts to harness the energy from sea for electrical
generation .These methods need huge investments to produce electricity. We
need to find a solution to solve the future power crisis before all our
resources like oil uranium natural gas gasoline and coal are completely
depleted from earth. My novel method to produce electricity from sea will
solve the future power crisis of the world. So far the hydropower is produced
above the ground by conventional DAMS but my method for the first time in
the world electricity is produced below the seashore ground (underground).
My novel method opens a new chapter in the history of hydropower
producing methods. We can produce any amount (MW) of hydropower from
sea (ocean) continuously 24 hours a day 365 days a year. No expensive DAMS
need to be built and we save 50% construction costs. We can build office
buildings and transformer stations below the seashore ground (underground)
to protect against cyclones and tsunami threats and we save more
construction costs. We can produce the cheapest electricity in the world in
novel method .We can apply this method and produce electricity within 6
months. We can apply this novel method for pumped storage hydropower
plants to produce electricity continuously 24 hours a day unlike the present
pumped storage power plants are operational during peak hours only. We can
apply this novel method for rivers lakes wells or ponds to produce cheap
electricity continuously 24 hours a day .This novel method to produce cheap
electricity will solve the world's future power crisis forever until the world


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