The Aerospace Review

The arms-length Aerospace Review was mandated by the Government of Canada and was led by the Honourable David Emerson, who was supported by a three-person Advisory Council comprised of Jim Quick, Sandra Pupatello, Jacques Roy, and a Secretariat.

Canada's aerospace and space sectors rank fifth in the world and directly employ some 66,000 people. They contribute significantly to Canada's prosperity and national security, and are a source of pride to Canadians.

But global supply chains, technology, and market environment are changing rapidly. It is becoming more complex and competitive.

The objective of the Review was to produce concrete, fiscally-neutral recommendations on how federal policies and programs can help maximize the competitiveness of Canada's aerospace and space sectors.

The recommendations presented in the Aerospace Review report were based on rigorous research and analysis on questions such as:

  • What are the comparative advantages and vulnerabilities of Canada's aerospace sector?
  • What opportunities and challenges do changing conditions present?
  • What can the Canadian aerospace sector do to take advantage of these opportunities and meet these challenges?
  • What might Canada learn from strategies used by governments, companies, and researchers in other countries?
  • What impacts are existing policies and programs having?
  • What modified or alternative policies and programs might government consider?

The Review was conducted in consultation with industry representatives and drew on the insights and views of a wide range of stakeholders and experts. The Review was independent, evidence-based, grounded in a long-term perspective on global and industry trends, and open to innovative but practical approaches.

The report of the Aerospace Review was submitted to the Minister of Industry and publicly released on November 29, 2012.